There are many advantages to mediation including:
  • The parties are empowered as they have input into the ultimate agreed upon solution. Likewise, the settlement is often more durable because the parties have participated in the process.
  • The process is voluntary. If either party does not agree with the conclusion, they are not obliged to accept it.
  • It is completely confidential so the parties can speak freely and do not have to be concerned that their affairs will be disclosed.
  • It saves a significant amount of time and money for the participants.
  • The mediation process puts focus on the relationship between the individuals. In litigation, relationships can often be damaged, but through mediation, efforts are made to repair it.
  • It is entirely risk free. If the mediation is unsuccessful, the parties can proceed with another course of action.
  • Our rabbinic mediators have been professionally trained and certified by the University of Windsor Law School. At the same time they are experts in halacha and in tune with our community’s sensitivities and will ensure that mediations operate within a halachic framework.
  • Our mediators are fair and impartial and parties can select their desired mediator. If the parties would like to have two mediators, that option is always available as our rabbis have been trained in co-mediation.
  • If the parties collectively conclude that they would prefer that one of our rabbis make a definitive ruling on their case, voluntary binding arbitration is available.
  • It’s easy to get started. To commence a mediation or to find out more, please call us at (416)535-8008 or email at

Book Your Mediation

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